It is a requirement in most states for all companies to obtain and purchase workers’ comp insurance for all their employees.  It is possible in a few states for companies to purchase into “pools” of insurance, however, the majority of states require you to use private workers’ comp policies.

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It is a common misconception of small business owners that the cost of workers’ compensation insurance, since it is mandated by state law, that the expense is an unneeded overhead nuisance with no major benefit to the their company.  However, with the right policy, optimized for your business and employees, the added protection is actually a great benefit to both the owners and the employees.

Workers’ compensation insurance is typically a very controllable expense to small businesses and there are several things a company can do to help reduce this cost.  It’s important to view this type of insurance as more than just the cost of doing business.

Also, when comparing workers’ comp policy premiums, it is extremely important to compare all the variables and options as optimized for YOUR business.  Having a great insurance company available to fine tune the best coverage for your business and help explain all the options and benefits to you is a huge asset to your company.

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